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xxx: Не далее как вчера-позавчера друг (и я вместе с ним) кое-что пережил. В пятницу ему объявили об онкологии, в субботу утром на основании анализов установили что её нет. а сообщили об этом в понедельник утром ЧТОБЫ НЕ БЕСПОКОИТЬ ЧЕЛОВЕКА

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Вот, кстати, вопрос. Что-то по анализу изображений и поиску аномалий можешь подсказать? Для самых маленьких, поверхностно. Можно с примерами на питонах.

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После четырёх лет разработки опубликована новая версия специализированной программы для цифровой живописи с использованием планшета или мыши - MyPaint 2.0.0. Программа распространяется под лицензией GPLv2, разработка ведётся на языках Python и C++ с использованием тулкита GTK. Готовые сборки сформированы для Linux (AppImage, Flatpak), Windows и macOS.
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siberialynx: Приветствую! Заклинило меня на моменте с ледяным пламенем и постаментом, второй день туплю, прошу подсказку) >! Внутриигровая подсказка про браслет не помогает, я с этим браслетом уже как мартышка с очками - ну никуда он не пристраивается!

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Антон Ласточкин портировал свою игру «Закрытый океан» с FireURQ на UrqW.

В это воскресенье заканчивается приём игр на ЗОК 2020. Анонсировано три игры.

* Матушка природа — «МЕЙОЗ»


* Dark Soul — «Ракеты»

> Карточная игра.

* ЮркийСлон — «Убийство в клубе «Диоген»»

> Второе расследование книги «Загадки Шерлока Холмса: Убийство в клубе Диоген»

* Wervek — «Неспокойная»

> «Ребят, я в этом шарю», – сказал Павел, забирая зловещую игрушку от прежних хозяев. Ошибся, с кем не бывает.

* Черный Король — «Оживший манекен»

> Покупайте, до упаду… мёртвым!

* * *


#### Гиперкнига

* An interactive novel by a world-renowned author — «The Amazing Maze»

> You're trapped. Use your wits and find a way out.


#### Textadventures.co.uk

* jackweaver1982 — «Blackout»


#### IFDB

* Gurpegui — «Sleep Paralysis»

> A small interactive fiction about waking up.

* Gabriel F Silva — «Test»
* John and
Pat Everest — «The Silverton House Adventure»

> This was published by Rainbow Magazine (Falsoft) in 1985 as a type-in game in its Second Rainbow Book of Adventures. It's a treasure hunt and the basic plot is that you are a master adventurer invited to the...

* Alice
Chen — «Conversations With A Cape»

> Welcome to a world where superheroes are commonplace and integrated into the fabric of society. You are a journalist who desperately needs to pull together a profile to fill out the daily paper and you’ve...

* Ann Hugo — «Days with Shaylin»

> This game provides a glimpse into Shaylin's day to day life. Shaylin is autistic. She deals with sensory processing issues, social difficulties, and sometimes she finds herself in a state of meltdown.


#### Itch.io

* Fran Kapilla — «A light in the Snow»

> Новая визуальная новелла для Spectrum 48K. Распространяется на кассетах. На английском и испанском.

* Text Based Games — «Everything is awful.»

> A text-based game about nihilism

* fey.earth — «Virgo to Venus»

> ​Survive aboard Virgo Galactic's starship, Manna, on a journey to the Floating Cities of Venus.

* InvaderLum.PNG — «Tubular Time Traveller»

> It's Mondo Scientific dude!

* HeyYeh — «HELIOS: Bullet Hell Text Adventure»

> The world's first Bullet Hell Text adventure, because everyone makes mistakes

* owenzhang — «Space Filled Waste Field»

> A tedious game about tedium

* TWIB Productions — «Delver»

> A text-based adventure game developed in Adventuron Classroom for the Treasure Hunt Jam.

* Lef — «Pylife»

> A Depressing Game of Life

* Mandy J Watson — «The Light At The Frankenstein Place»

> Investigate the Frankenstein place. A quick Twine game.

* Mika la Grand — «Perception»

> Text adventure about different ways of perceiving events

* TesseractGames — «Unnamed Seas»
* Cracked Egg — «This Is Not the End»

> Be a slime monster and go on a journey to become a king, god, demon, pie and more!

* Steg Game Dev — «Paper Shakespeare: Stick Julius Caesar (With A Dagger)»

> Cae is bae.

* Steg Game Dev — «Paper Shakespeare: Stick Merchant of Venice»

> Don't think about it.

* crystaldroid — «RNight»

> RNights big scope

* ZapJackson — «Extremely Online»

> A game about the Internet. Made for MiniJam #47.

* Kender — «Fast Lane»

> You're a sloth who wants more out of life. Maybe you can get it...if you can stay awake.

* Fred the fred — «Thomas vs friends»

> Thomas's friends wants to kill Thomas

* Sheepolution — «And yet it hurt»

> An adventure game in Notepad about a kid who seeks revenge.

* NPMdev — «The Farm Man (Jams Version)»

> A batch farming game

* Eric Johnson — «Dream Weaver Diaries — Unlocked»

> Become a Dream Weaver or be taken by the shadows? Every choice affects your future. Time to face your nightmares.​

* Jeremy Whitson — «The Beast in the Cave (HTML Version)»

> An interactive fiction adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft story.

* Demjanjuk06 — «Number Wizard!»

> A Fun little game that guesses your number

* TwentyBytesOfCereal — «|<>|»

> An Interactive Novel

analias — «KaziePop»

> a joke game made by a twitter parody account

MaxAmaden — «Leximan»

> Throw together wild spells as you attempt to repair your broken spellbook!

MattBurro89 — «Shady Mechanic»
aeta — «Next Door»

> This is an entry for Green Stories's Interactive Fiction competition.

riko — «Ekki múkk»

> Not a sound.

Ann Hugo — «Days with Shaylin»
ShardDev — «The Underscorers (_ers)»

> Run in Trinket — this is my first game, it is a text based shooter

Master Pose — «The Coffee Machine»

> Dr. Bright + SCP-294 fanfiction based on the SCP Stories.

Hoovler Industries — «Brian's Soccer Simulator»

> A customizable text-based soccer simulator

Steven Lambert — «Ravaged Space»

> Your spaceship was hit by an asteroid. Can you repair it before your systems fail?

Eufasy — «The Unknown City»
Mystify — «Ascii Fly»

> Endless Racer Completely Made Out of Text!

Eli Vazquez — «Prime Citizen»
Vincent Nicandro — «Terms of Service»

> Interactive fiction about the dangers lurking behind Terms of Service.

Gurpegui — «Sleep paralysis»

> A short interactive fiction about waking up.

vian nguyen — «Camp McTex Lake»

> a final glance over the shoulder at the place I grew up

Grass — «Darling»

> A little Twine story I made for a special someone.

emslft — «ANANKÉ»

> Dans un monde de dark fantasy, contrôlez le destin d'Ananké, la jeune Mage.

onawa — «Hiro and Catt — Episode 1»

> Hiro and his talking cat encounter a floating pixel.

kryouma — «when i first saw you»

> my story of school, growth, and her in short poems

MeganC — «Comp. Sci. Project»
Riley — «Repair Shop»

> An Entry for GGJ 2020

Mothman's Gay Son — «Transitions»

> A short interactive fiction about gender and growing up

cunum — «Hibiscus Red | Part 2»

> Almost classic point and click adventure game

princessbuttercup — «Pando»

> A mystery in a forest. Can you solve it?

diegocruzdm — «The Lost Man»
kevinhsu95034 — «Obelisk»
CorpseBrigadier — «Let Your Curse Be On Me»

> A Final Fantasy Tactics Fangame

Aya — «rejection sim (18+)»

> A stupid looking pornographic game about rejection and trying to sleep.

skoire — «A.I.dentity»

> Can you have a private identity in a world where technology and artificial intelligence abound?

equinnd — «Who Let Dogs Out?»

> Gather all the criminal dogs as a police dog!

BoN — «warm & fluffy»

> You there! Take a moment to relax.

Danielle Marie — «Wishbone»
siplick — «The Anima Island — Coffee Time»

> Have a coffee with the characters from The Anima Island!

Portrait Prophecies — «rain reader»

> A randomized choice game about struggle

NPIRE Games — «Livraria»
Bantle — «Beyond»

> Interactive short story written in HTML

teuteuf — «Are you mad..?»

> GGJ20 game made by @LauraSaada et @teuteuf

Silverstring Media — «Stories and Smoke»

> Enter the shrine. Breathe the smoke. Confront your stories. Transform.

MIYAKOpubl — «CATharsis»

> CAT-protagonist short story

Eslabaudelaire — «Their Victor»

> The princess of Greece, Evangeline, decides she must be the one to kill her serial killer brother

ssbclarke — «RePear Therapy»

> Choose your own adventure therapy/dating sim

jbenchimol — «Plumage 257- Intro»

> An introduction to a story based on the Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center in the Long Island Sound

Autumn Springs — «Boulders»
butterflymoth — «A Dark-Adapted Mind»
maya.amurao — «Hansel and Gretel»
Will Ridenour — «A Tower, a Princess, and a Dragon»

> Climb a tower, save a princess, and slay a dragon. (You might have heard this story before.)

Digital Cake Studio — «Notizen»

> A Text-Adventure Game made in Batch.

int_game() — «Franz Kafka's «A Little Fable»»

> A bitsy retelling of Kafka's «A Little Fable»

ornxment — «One's Passing»
pinocchiogames — «The Hero is a Liar»

> Play a story backwards as a hero who lies all the time

nine — «For the Soul»

> [DEMO] Kitchen duty doesn't stop Lucifer from wanting to change heaven.

ess — «PAUSE & EFFECT (demo)»

> May the blessings of life follow those who bleed for something to believe in. (DEMO)

Mental_Inaction — «The Heart Grows Cold — Jam Demo»

> A story about guilt. Developed in 2 weeks for My First Game Jam Winter 2020

Cynthia, dotoriii — «In Good Company»

> Four associates are suddenly stopped in a snow lodge on their way to a celebration.

onyrie — «Onyrie»

> Imaginez que vos rêves prennent vie, que l’irréel devienne tangible

Dupletor — «CodeStory»

> A self-conscious universe

Me16 — «The Home of the Dying Alien»

> Explore the home of this mysterious alien guardian through powerful first-person storytelling.

Amanda — «The Repair Shop DeMake»

> A narrative game about repairing things and crying

Ramo — «Ministre 2»

> A short story about politics, wrapped in a duck dream

TesseractGames — «Yamada Inc.»
João Eiras Antunes — «Healing»
Applea — «What Happened To Emma Jane-Alpha»

> Remember, this game is still is alpha. If you see «Double click this passage to edit»edit it

Lamplight Forest — «Arches Higher Than the Night»

> A beautiful and mysterious work of interactive fiction

Suhaimizs — «Novel»

> A visual novel about the novel coronavirus.

TheWorldOfCM — «Saving Ethera»

> A conflict between humans and robots.

SpiritedSeeker — «Shake it off»

> GGJ-2020

cygni — «rat on the platform»

> based on a true story for the bitsy rat jam

binoy-d, Frolicks, TorchStone1, seatea — «Debug Duck»

> You can fix his code, but can you fix his FAILING MARRIAGE?

Niceden Games — «Patch Me Up»

> You're the only stationed medic for miles in a barren land with an increasingly hostile environment.

Nidinen — «Ouija»

> Te quedaste sin Wifi, y una Ouija es tu unica compania, que puede salir mal?


#### Steam

* Heart's Choice — «A Player's Heart»

> Find love, fame, and intrigue on the stage of the city's all-woman Opera! Put on a show, survive drama on and off-stage...and win your lover's heart. A Player's Heart is a 222,000-word interactive lesbian romance novel by Melissa Scott.


> In the middle of each nation's normal training routine, a Joint Military Exercise was enacted. A select few from each nation were chosen to participate in this rigorous event. But, how did this event come to be? Are there other ulterior motives at play?

* WhiteVault Studio — «Harolds Harem: The Neckoning»

> In Harold's Harem, The Neckoning, you play as the newest recruit to an «Erotic Infiltration Unit» who has been tasked with extracting valuable information from the Night Supervisor of the local VHS rental store.

* Celestial Project — «Awakening of Celestial»

> Awakening of Celestial is a magical fantasy Visual Novel filled with exciting adventures, epic moments, complex characters, and many more! Developed by Celestial Project and the platform will be PC.

* Contigo Games — «StarCrossed»

> StarCrossed is an action arcade game with a magical girl aesthetic and a cooperative twist. Join our cast of 5 space-faring heroes as they travel across the stars, working together to strengthen their bond and defeat a looming evil that threatens the galaxy!

* Chaos Cute Soft — «Cirno's Perfect Summer Vacation»

> When Cirno discovers a magical item in Gensokyo, her power grows as she freezes all the land! Not satisfied with just Gensokyo, she opens a portal to try and freeze New York in the summer! Join us for this free short visual novel Touhou adventure!

* Sigyaad Team — «Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And Dabs»

> Feel relaxed into this mental vacation as Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou Project guides you through your troubles by offering helpful advice and strategies to help you feel at ease.

* Freedom Software — «Virtually Real Life»

> «Reality. A term concocted by creatures to give worth to their version of reality...But what is reality if there are so many realities?» What happens if a being of a 2D world is dragged into the virtual world of a 3D realm?

* Randumb Studios — «Naked News»

> Join in the fun with an unforgettable experience unlike any other! Naked News brings some hardcore, crass, dirty, vulgar, dark humour into an easily offended world, not pulling any punches and making fun of everything with this visual novel-style comic, Sitcom-esque episodic!

* Cyber Uirusu Productions — «Maiden City: The Last Collateral Damage»

> The girl who owns the world. The girl who was abandoned by the world. The girl who aims to rebuild the world. Three young girls in this hostile city, who will become the new «Maiden»?

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