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Тема: Новые игры - двадцать четвёртое июля
Так как новых русских текстовых квестов на этой неделе нет, всё ещё играем в игры QSP Compo.

#### Визуальные новеллы

* (3D VN/adventure) Route 59 — «Necrobarista»

> In a back-alley cafe, the dead are granted one last night to mingle with the living. Necrobarista follows a dynamic and diverse cast of characters as they navigate Melbourne's hipstery coffee culture, the questionable ethics of necromancy, and the process of letting go.

* Redmoon Games — «Locked»

> Главный герой Макс отправляется на поиски таинственной официантки. Вместе они оказываются заперты в заброшенном особняке. Удастся ли им вместе оттуда выбраться, если они даже не знакомы?

* Charon, duende — «You, Me and Empty Words»

> История о Шинтаро, обычном ученике, и его лучшем друге Акино.

* HitOrMissy, Minoga Translations — «Fetch Quest»

> Флора – начинающая искательница приключений. По поручению владельца местной таверны она отправляется на поиски украденного товара. Для этого ей придётся внедриться в группу известных бандитов, выдав себя за новобранца.

* Fancy Price — «Undertale AU: Hunter X Crash»

> Это НЕ каноничное мини продолжение моей игры Hallotale. История будет рассказываться о моих персонажах, что были в той игре: Краше и Хантере. Точнее об их отношениях.

* (18+) Nitro+Chiral, Alice Hatter, snow rowan, Blue Penguin — «DRAMAtical Murder»

> Главный герой, Серагаки Аоба, ведёт мирную жизнь со своей бабушкой Таэ и работает в магазине подержанных товаров "Обычный", стараясь не встревать в неприятности. Но близится катастрофа, что положит конец этим мирным дням…

* (18+) Nitroplus, Epic Eagle Team & RG Smoking Room — «Ты, я и она: История любви / Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.»

> Шиничи не хочет ничего, кроме спокойной жизни. Хотя когда-то он и был близким другом Миюки, самой популярной девушки в школе, его стремление к нормальной жизни не даёт им быть чем-то большим, чем одноклассниками. Но всё меняется, когда, в один прекрасный день на крыше, чудачка из класса, Аой, внезапно пытается поцеловать его.


#### IFDB

* Paul Weller — «Rite of the Druid»

> You are part of a small tribe, preparing to take part in a ritual that will allow you to become a full druid. You are transported to a strange land where you must find the rune of power and return to…

* Thingomy — «FUNGUS!»

> You are a Ground Troll, a simple being with a simple life thrust into a not-so-simple quest. A quest to find breakfast! Embark on a hilarious journey, collect shiny pebbles, meet quirky characters, and…

* SD Separa — «Down Among the Dead Men»

> Adrift at sea in an open boat, you make your desperate bid to escape from the evil pirate Skarvench. The odds are stacked against you, for, even if you do not die of thirst, there are still formidable…

* Frosti — «Nix»

> You have taken shelter in an abandoned hotel during a fierce storm. Text adventure games are played by using two-word verb-noun combinations to interact with your surroundings. To move around the game, type…

* SD Separa — «Secret of the Knights»

> IT IS THE YEAR 1340. You have traveled back to the age of knights. A squire has just accused you of being a sorcerer. You must prove yourself in a duel with quarterstaves.

* Ryan Veeder — «Crocodracula: The Beginning»

> The first Taleframe game based on the 90s children's horror soap opera.

* John C. Knudsen — «Escape from Aiwei»

> You have no idea how or why you came to be in this place. Can you escape? Gamebook/CYOA.

* Jeremy Lee Harden — «A Clockwork Noir»

> Welcome to New Jag City, the City of Gears and Cogs. You are Detective Adaran Valance, who is looking for a new case. What waits for you in the city that never sleeps?

* Incanus — «Memoria»

> A sci-fi "not just" survival tale; you are shipwrecked on a strange planet of vast plains… and with ruthless Hunters on the prowl. Can you learn from The People that it is not enough to "just"

> survive?…


#### Itch

* t00sh — «Darkness Fixer»

> I’m locked in a room and this is my only form of communication

* NiccoloAbate — «The Nature of Feedback»

> An atmospheric interactive narrative about struggling with anxiety, time, an change.

* TheGreatScott — «Meat-Shield: Wanted»

> Comedic text-based interactive narrative made in Twine.

* YuriNikolai — «Major Mood»

> Succeed or die trying, alongside a digital friend.

* Nate Kiernan — «apple spiced pancakes»

> a little twine game about cooking pancakes with your partner

* harriettechan — «LOFI CHILL BEATS TO NAP TO»

> A short Twine game about taking a nap and having a dream. Multiple endings.



* kaelhem — «La balade en forêt»

> C'est une belle journée pour aller te promener dans les bois, mais fais attention à ne pas te perdre…

* Isa P, Isador — «hey, how are you?»

> a conversation simulator

* Meowtch — «Cyberbunny: Camgirl»

> Work In Progress

* N.S. Dawn — «White-on-Black, Georgia Font»

> A Twine fever dream by N.S. Dawn

* Lud Nascy — «Emotional Jukebox»

> Incompleted! Very soon I update it.

* Fernando Reyes Medina — «Canvas»

> Paint with your friends in this Mixer interactive broadcasting experience!

* jonathanmcamacho — «Setting the Mood»

> Your date finally invited you over, and she wants you to set the mood!

* johnblood — «In the Mood for Trouble»

> A Vick Roebuck story

* dahngeek — «Unexpected quarantine effects»

> Vlad is a character who faced an unexpected result from quarantining, help him survive.

* Waltz_89 — «Puente L.A noira(beta)»
* Nick Murray — «Crayon Eater»

> A Postcard Game for Two Players

* Timofei Usikov — «Память мадам Соланж»

> игра про память

* Watanoge — «Cooking Night»

> Let's go cook!

* Zebon — «Darryl's Quiz Game»

> Darryl questioner

* Atlya — «Rolls of Dice to Flesh: Space Edition»

> App version of a semi-interactive novel about outer space weightgain.

* shades — «Put Stuff On, Christie Brinkley»

> You're feeling awesome! But it's laundry day, what will you wear?

* Echinox — «Kanji Master»

> learn kanji

* ssid — «My Trip to Asia»
* AnonymousPandaStudio — «Apocalypse Mutant Erotica»
* Apollo'sBoy — «The Usher Foundation X: The Stranger»

> A Magnus Archives Fan Game

* Sam Arehart — «Divine Favor»

> A man wakes up in heaven.

* Oknodian Games — «Space Project v0.0.1»

> Fight pirates over your home planet.

* nanunn — «Quantumville»
* Waltz_89 — «Puente L.A noira (Spanish)»

> policial humor

* airemu — «Trespass the Game/Demo»

> Play as a cyber crime detective.

* Rabbit — «Stupid Paul.»

> A short twine game about a popular zombie movie trope

* LunarBit — «Konk Island»

> Adult Visual Novel

* MumenPoster37 — «Danganronpa: Post-Mortem Memories»
* barbarbarian — «The Journey To Onsite: Day 2»

> The second day of your journey in which you brave a perilous forest.

* barbarbarian — «The Journey To Onsite: Day 1»

> Day one of your journey.

* Neuromage Studio — «Red Moon of April»

> Red Moon of April is a Sci-Fi visual novel about Kohime, a Japanese girl who riding a Metal Knight set off on a journey.


> A surplus of flesh-eating parasites. A dearth of flesh. Can you get your roommate to help?

* Adriel — «Unknown Number (Twine)»

> A ​mysterious called you, do you answer?

* Louis Benzing — «Body//Com»

> Get a new body over night!

* fujogeegames — «Your Phone Dies in 15 Seconds»

> You have 15 seconds to determine your fate.

* jimjamsgames — «Stranded 2 — DRM Free Version»

> Stranded again! The adventure continues

* Jenna Yow — «quarantwine»

> same old routine, now in game form

* John C. Knudsen — «Escape from Aiwei»

> You don't know how you got here — can you escape?

* Bernie — «reincarnations»

> a short story about returning a lost item

* Michelle Lytle — «Ghost Circle»
* AmitBashari — «Red Pill»

> Point and click text based experience.

* TastyAce — «Fattening Up The Pup»

> A BDSM & Vore Feederism story. 18+ only.

* Textagames — «Lamentaciones de Ipuur»

> Poema interactivo

* Oscar González — «Sonetomaker»

> Si Shakespeare levantara cabeza…

* NyanBacon — «The Eye of the Beheld»

> After an ambush, General Adria visits the medbay to talk to the one member of her team that got hurt.

* thriftdad — «Cornteen»

> Survive a day in cornteen.*

* Lucius Match — «Supplies»

> A short text-based twine game about the post-apocaliptic world

* otterapps — «Hippoglyph»

> A text based fantasy universe with a graphical element, needing play testing and feedback.

* Incanus — «Memoria»

> Náufrago en un mundo extraño ¿Basta con sólo sobrevivir?

* Th3 Evil Gamer — «Cave of Hope»

> Cave Of Hope is a Small Text Adventure Game

* theoninni — «e se você pudesse impedir o corona?»

> top

* zissou89 — «Room?»
* The Levi Johnston Company — «Dentist Days»

> Help Katana make her most important decision ever!

* UltraRetarded — «Project Solar»

> A simple game about solar systems

* Alber7 — «Projet Louves»
* Breadnone — «Aya's Loop — Mature Romance (Visual Novel)»
* Pratz — «Dreamer»

> Life

* Kirrs — «Just A Memory»


#### Steam

* Sanctum Games — «Syystem — The Phantom Train»

> Delve into the haunted underground of Capital City in this paranormal mystery visual novel. Chase down the elusive phantom of an ill-fated railcar and the curse left behind by its doomed passengers. Tread lightly--you aren't the only one scouring the tunnels…

* Catnip — «Dandelions in the Sky»

> A new student with a mysterious past, and a girl isolated and bullied by her peers. What secrets are they hiding?

* louis morel — «be you 2»

> be you 2 is an interactive visual novel. In this sequel to "be you", you must raise a child by making story choices. There are multiple routes and endings based on your offspring's personality.

* Maratus — «ARISEN: Prologue»

> Despite the chains around your wrists, this story is yours. You are the decision-maker. Freedom reaches out to you: you shall rise.

* Kavorkaplay — «Hanapon Princess»

> One afternoon, after a trip to an antique store, it turns out that a simple statue is actually a magical being from the land of Hanapon.

* Quiz Pro — Guess Pictures — «Quiz Pro — Guess Pictures»

> This quiz game is a great choice when you want to learn something, when you feel boring, or when you want to kill some free time. Can you find the words for every picture? Train your brain and learn new words by solving guessing the pics.

* Winged Cloud — «Sakura Succubus 2»

> Sakura Succubus 2 is a direct sequel to Sakura Succubus. Picking up where the last story left off, Hiroki is courted by two new succubi who want to join his harem: an elegant actress and a cheerful tennis player.

* Frontwing — «Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.7»

> As daily life goes on unchanged, the girls — and Haruto — continue to sharpen their fangs. They are summoned for a mission of unprecedented scale, against the religious organization "TFA", where Enishi and Kuroe await. What kind of hellish scenes will Arisaka have to face on the battlefield?

* Mischa — «Shivering Hearts»

> Shivering Hearts is a light-hearted role-playing game illustrated through detailed, hand-drawn watercolour paintings. Explore a world that reacts to your choices. The player can achieve over 120 possible ending combinations.

* Choice of Games — «Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality»

> It's a war between your werewolf pack and the Human Sovereignty Movement! Lead the pack to victory before extremists turn your packmates against each other.

* NoBreadStudio — «Blankspace»

> Blankspace is an escape room visual novel with point-and-click elements. Interact with Beryl, investigate your surroundings, solve puzzles, and find your way out of a strange-looking room!

* Hituzigumo — «My Dangerous Life»

> Hinata has only just arrived in New York, but things are already going downhill. Then a handsome stranger offers his help, and suddenly Hinata finds himself in a shared apartment with three hot guys. A rollercoaster of emotions begins.

* VN House — «Tequila Sunrise»

> Tequila Sunrise is a romantic comedy dating sim where you play as Robert Finch, ex-football player and current club promoter for “Tequila Sunrise” the newest, and hopefully soon-to-be trendiest, nightclub in Manchester.

* Mathieu Pronovost — «Keizudo: Duels of Love»

> Keizudo: Duels of Love is a command based visual novel that uses pre-rendered low polygon graphics. It has a sci-fi romance story with cyberpunk aesthetics reminiscent of 90s video games and anime. It was created by only one person and took over 3 years to complete.

* ZA — «Power Of Language»

> Power Of Language is a suspense text game mainly featuring dialogues. The game is about a case caused by a certain mental illness in the future, and you’d act as a hypnotist to talk to prisoners for investigations that eventually lead to the truth.

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